There is no "right way"

Some time ago I received a newsletter from "I don't know" and it got me thinking about this division in opinions. 

I think this phenomena is as old as humanity is, so nothing new here, but it is worth paying attention to couple of small but important details here: people treat their choices as correct ones, or "the right way".

But it is rarely the case. Most frequently people are making not perfect decisions based on circumstances and limitations presented by situation: deadlines, return of investment requirements. People always optimise on something, with the trade-off of another thing. 

When you optimise on something, it is very important to acknowledge that it is not ideal solution, and stick to those preferences. Laravel and Symfony are different frameworks in philosophy, and each optimises to different things, but then developers instead of embracing differences they claim that each framework is the right way to do things, which is false. In some cases Laravel has advantages, in other - Symfony. 

It would be better to discuss when to use what, instead of arguing which is universally best way to develop web projects, which is false premise from the beginning.

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